What is the CyberSem

CyberSem is the world’s first ONLINE-ONLY Women’s Seminary. CyberSem courses are full courses with collaboration between students and their instructor, and even assignments and discussion postings.  We combine audio, video, and fascinating, unique reading material with face to face meetings to make a dynamic, interactive learning experience.

In order to facilitate the expansion of programs and growth of CyberSem.com we need your help and donations, as each program costs upwards of $5,000 to develop. The courses are unique and are written by experts in their fields from around the world.  We use a range of tools uniquely designed for online learning and ease of user experience.

Learn-A-Thon Rules

When you campaign for funds for the learn-a-thon, you will gain access to the Learn-a-thon speakers roster on May 28, 2017 at 10:00 am.  You will be able to choose any or all of the speakers presented.  Once you submit the funds that you have raised, you will be sent a login to the CyberSem platform.

You will be given a choice to allocate the funds either 1)  for the creation of a new course for the CyberSem student body, or 2)  If you raise $200.00 you will be able to choose a course to take, and the proceeds of your learn-a-thon funds will pay for your tuition.

How do I join the Learn-A-Thon?

To join the CyberSem Learn-A-Thon click the button below to go to the Learn-A-Thon Crowdrise page. Once you’re on the page, click the “fundraise for this campaign” button on the right side.

Create a Crowdrise account by entering some basic information and you will be added to the Learn-A-Thon. From there you can update your profile. You can also personalize your page by clicking on the edit tab, adding your own picture, and replacing the CyberSem story with one of your own. Tell your supporters why learning is important to you, set yourself a fundraising goal, and make sure to share the link to your page when you finish!

Join the Learn-A-Thon now!

Get access to unique and interesting classes and help CyberSem grow to provide a greater range of unique Torah content!