Chavi Goldberg, Executive Director & Founder

Dr. Chavi Goldberg has always been passionate about sharing her love for learning and empowering women to excel in their own journeys. She holds a Bachelor of Jewish Education with honours from Talpiot College and a Master of Science in Graduate Teaching and Curriculum Development from Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Goldberg completed her Ed.D. in Instructional Technology and Distance Education at Nova Southeastern University.

Dr. Goldberg first conceived the idea of CyberSem when completing her Master’s in Curriculum Development. She realized that a person could do almost anything online, except go to seminary. Driven by her belief that irrespective of age, life stage or seminary background, all women can make learning an ongoing, meaningful part of their lives, Dr. Goldberg set out to create the first ever online seminary.

As Founder and Director of CyberSem, Dr. Goldberg develops courses, manages student relations, and finds outstanding instructors to bring course subjects to life. She also coordinates fundraising and marketing efforts that enable CyberSem to grow to its full potential. Constantly striving to further her education, Dr. Goldberg continues to take courses in education and self-regulated learning. She holds a particular interest in tailoring educational approaches to best suit students’ varying learning styles.

Rabbi Yaakov Goldstein, CyberSem Halacha Curriculum Author

Rabbi Yaakov Goldstein has authored 8 sefarim dealing with Halacha for the English public and gives courses in Rabbinical ordination and practical Halacha in Yeshivas Beis Menachem, Jerusalem. He received Semicha from Rabbi Shnear Zalman Labkowski of Tomchei Tmimim in 2005. He has since served as a chaplain in an elite unit within the Israeli army. There, he dealt with various Halachic issues relating to soldiers in his unit. Rabbi Goldstein is currently on Shlichus with his wife Shayna and seven children in Beitar Elite, Israel. Through his classes, he spreads knowledge of Nigleh and Chassidus to the Chareidi public.

Cipi Junik, CyberSem Instructor

Mrs. Junik is a graduate of Yavne Teacher’s Seminary, Adelphi University, as well as the Fellowship Program for Yeshiva Principals of Chevras Yesod Maaleh-Torah Umesorah. She currently lectures on Chumash related subjects in several girls’ high schools and seminaries. Drawing on her extensive classroom experience across various age levels and disciplines, Mrs. Junik has developed a unique approach to bringing the study of Tanach to life for her students. In addition to conducting teacher training seminars, she is also active in kiruv and adult education.

Rabbi Menachem M. Metzger, CyberSem History Curriculum Author

Rabbi Menachem M. Metzger studied in the Yeshivas of Morristown, New Haven and Central Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim. He received semicha at Central Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim as well as an additional semicha from Rabbi Pinchus Hirshprung. Rabbi Metzger then completed further studies at Touro College Graduate School where he obtained a Masters in Jewish Studies.

His professional experiences began when he served as Educational Director for Chabad of Midtown Manhattan. Rabbi Metzger went on to teach in various institutions such as Mayanot, Beit Menachem (RAP) and JETS. He has lectured extensively worldwide with JLI, Project Talmud and independently. Rabbi Metzger has served as faculty at such universities as Touro Los Angeles where he taught several courses in Jewish studies. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California where he conducts research on Medieval Hebrew poetry and teaches Jewish Studies.

Ahava Spillman, CyberSem Consultant

Ahava Spillman earned both her HBA in Sociology and Journalism as well as her MA in English Literature at York University. She is a talented teacher, lecturer, writer and journalist, who combines professionalism and humour to successfully motivate people and encourage honest communication.

Malka Touger, CyberSem Instructor

Malka Touger is a world renowned teacher and lecturer whose insights have engaged and inspired women and men on all seven continents. She founded and served as Dean of Machon Shoshanas Yerushalayim, an innovative seminary that revolutionized the concept of higher education for women within the Lubavitch community. Her weekly course in Tanach at the Or Chayah Seminary in Jerusalem attracts scores of women from a cross-section of Jerusalem’s community.

Jessica Schechter, CyberSem Interpersonal Communications Instructor

Jessica Schechter holds an MFA in Directing from the Actors Studio Drama School at PACE University. She has a Bachelors degree from NYU’s Educational Theatre Program with a double minor in Dramatic Literature and Studio Art. Ms. Schechter is passionate about fostering the voices of her students and has over ten years of teaching experience. She has run full drama programs in several camps and community centers and has worked with students of all ages and demographics. Ms. Schechter is a freelance Theater Director and private acting & speech coach in New York City. She currently teaches Public Speaking and Writing courses at the Borough of Manhattan Community College and Touro College. Ms. Schechter is very excited to embark on this online interpersonal journey.

Mrs. Malky Bitton, Strengthening Emunah – Chumash: The Shesh Zechiros Instructor

A native Vancouverite, Mrs. Malky Bitton graduated with honours from the Lubavitch Girls High School of Chicago, and went on to receive a diploma in education from Beth Chana Seminary in Safed, Israel, and a B.A. in Judaic studies from Talpiot College in Toronto. Following her graduation, Mrs. Bitton’s highly developed teaching skills and passion for teaching were in high demand and she spent a rewarding three years teaching high school students in both Toronto and New York. She now serves as co-director of Chabad of Downtown Vancouver as well as co-dean of the Jewish Academy. Along with event planning and teaching her popular classes for ladies, Mrs. Bitton is a busy mom to six adorable children!

Hava Preil, Mishlei (coming soon)

Hava Preil is a passionate, hardworking individual with 15 years of experience teaching Judaic studies around the world, inspiring countless young minds to pursue a life of spiritual fulfillment. Hava Preil’s impressive assortment of awards and degrees bespeaks of an unyielding dedication towards her students and passion. Hava Preil holds a M.A. in Judaic Sciences with a focus on teaching Tanach from Machon Lander and B.A. in Judaic Studies from Yeshiva University. Mrs. Preil’s calm temperament and vast knowledge base attracts scores of students to her courses and weekly Q&A at Naaleh College, where she is a professor. Mrs. Prail looks forward to broadening women’s knowledge base and hopes to form a strong connection with each of her future students.