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Chassidus is a soaring philosophy that addresses the most profound issues of G-d, Man, nature, good and evil and the purpose of life, traversing spiritual worlds, yet it is also a down-to-earth way of life. It is a fascinating intellectual pursuit that can delve into the most abstract and spiritual topics, yet also speaks to our human emotions and character development. It is deeply contemplative, yet a constant call to action. It is an inward-looking guide to our personal spiritual self-perfection and an outward-looking vehicle to perfecting the world.

Are all these contradictory qualities simply disjointed, unrelated features or are they somehow inter-related? Rabbi Fishman shows us how they are related, and how the power of these connections can enrich our lives.


This is a 12 week accredited course, worth 3 credits. Cost: $500.00
The course is taught using the Canvas platform.

Summer Session starts May 2, 2021

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