Jewish History 2: שיבת ציון Return to Zion


Mrs. Raizy Metzger


Jewish History

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Jewish History: This course introduces students to the Second Temple period. This period which spans over four centuries includes four distinct time periods- the Persian, Greek Chashmanai, and Roman periods. Despite being under foreign occupation for much of this era, the Second Temple era was very rich with Jewish Spiritual creativity. During this time the classic Jewish prayers were composed, and the Oral Torah was developed, taught, and disseminated. Students will study relevant sources in Tanach, Gemara, Midrash, and other sources. In addition, students will become familiar with archeological discoveries related to this era.


This is a 12 week accredited course, worth 3 credits. Cost: $500.00
The course is taught using the Canvas platform.

Summer Session starts May 2, 2021

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