Regardless of your previous level of learning or religious background, CyberSem has courses that are perfect for you. We offer different types of courses to support your lifestyle and learning requirements.

Seminary books

Accredited Courses


These courses are approved by a professional body and are designed so you work through the course with a cohort of students and one of our amazing instructors.


Independent Study Courses


These courses are designed for you to move through at your own pace, with little supervision. There is no cohort of students or an instructor working with you through these courses.

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Foundation Courses

These courses are designed to give students a foundation of knowledge specifically in chumash grammar and vocabulary. These courses are great for mothers helping school age children.


 1) Can I get credit for an Independent Study course?
You can get credits for the Independent Study Courses. Contact me directly @ [email protected].
 2) Can I get credit for a Foundation course?
You cannot get credits for the foundation courses
 3) How often do Accredited Courses take place during the year?
Accredited Courses are offered in sync with university semesters: September and January. When there will be a demand then we will add a summer semester as well