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Semester Courses

Accelerated Chumash

An exciting course for women who did not attend a Jewish Day School during the [...]

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Mishlei’s Meanings

Come join us as we delve into the depth and timeless lessons of Sefer Mishlei. [...]

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רש״י שיחות: New Skills, Modern Lessons

11th Century Torah Scholar Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki is renowned for his clear, concise and comprehensive [...]

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Writing and Speaking to be Heard

The ability to communicate effectively is determined by self-concept and sensitivity to and understanding of [...]

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Strengthening Emunah – Chumash: Sheish Zechiros

An in-depth course that explores the topic of emunah through themes in the Chumash. In [...]

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Women in Nach: Biblical Figures, Contemporary Lessons

Join Instructor Malka Touger for an in-depth, text-based study of the lives and lessons of [...]

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Self-Paced Courses

The Machzor

This course is a self-paced course jam packed with resources, recordings, writings and as always [...]

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וישלח יהושע : Maamar

This course is based on the discourse for 28th of Sivan-next week marking the anniversary [...]

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טהרת המשפחה: The Calendar

This course is designed as a self-paced course that teaches the structure of the calendar [...]

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Malka Touger Live

Megilat Rut

Acclaimed educator Malka Touger has teamed up with CyberSem to offer live interactive courses. The [...]

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