Campus Rabbis

Campus Rabbis

CyberSem opens doors to women across the globe hungry for meaningful continued Torah study.

Using an interactive online platform, students engage in inspiring, in-depth Limudei Kodesh and personal growth courses. At CyberSem, spiritual nourishment meets real world convenience. CyberSem offers women an interactive learning experience. They engage with instructors and peers on the same cutting-edge platform – – used by Ivy League academys. Known for its dynamic features and ease of use, our platform allows the students to navigate course material without a steep learning curve.

As a resource for your students,

  • CyberSem courses can fill in the gap for those students who have some background in Torah and Chassidus, but want to learn more.
  • CyberSem courses can supplement the shiurim that you offer.
  • You may want to send them to Yeshiva.
  • Your students are the ideal students who would enjoy CyberSem courses as they are familiar with online learning.
  • CyberSem has in place course accreditation, that your students can use them in conjunction with BA requirements at a degree granting institution.

Our courses are original created by experts in their fields and known and recognized in the Chabad world.


We  offer 12 week semester courses, as well as self-paced courses.
The self-paced courses are not for credits, but cover interesting topics and the list is constantly growing.

The semester costs are $350.00 per course.  If you send groups of students, then they will receive your discount as you can see in the ad in your journal.  You send 5 students and they receive 5% off.  If you send 10, they receive 10% off.

Interactive classes are starting throughout the year. Check on the course page to find out when the next one is starting. Self-paced courses can be started anytime you're ready.

Yes, but we have a lead to a course that teaches people how to read Hebrew in a very short time.

It depends on which courses.  Some definitely require prior knowledge that anyone that attended a regular Day academy like חמש.  But even the Women in Navi course has source material translated into English and the text can also be obtained in English.  I would be open to providing some extra support to students who want to take the Navi course but are limited in their background experience.  Please contact me with specific needs, and I will try to accommodate wherever possible.

Tell Your Students:

If you plan on sending your students an email encouraging them to sign up for Cybersem, be sure to highlight the following points.

  • Students can take courses as Distance Education that will fit into anyone’s schedule.
  • Stimulating, original courses created by experts in their fields.
  • Courses are reasonably priced.
  • Platform has dynamic features and is easy to use.