About Us

Our Mission

CyberSem is committed to providing Jewish women across the globe with a virtual seminary education from the comfort of their own homes, on their own schedules.

We offer challenging, relevant and inspirational courses in Limudei Kodesh, professional development and personal growth. Each course is taught by renowned experts with a passion for engaging students in Torah study using dynamic instructional materials. Completing weekly assignments and working on projects collaboratively with other women, students receive one-on-one feedback and assessments from instructors in our secure online environment.

Our Students

CyberSem’s student body ranges in age, geographic location and life stage. Our in-depth, stimulating courses are custom designed to appeal to:

  • Women who haven’t had the opportunity to attend seminary.
  • Women who attended seminary but are now working or in college and want to continue their Torah learning.
  • Women at various life stages including wives, mothers and professional women who want to continue rich Torah learning from home on their own schedule.
  • Women in shlichus who want to maintain their Torah studies or provide lifelong learning to the young women who work for them.

Distance Learning

Through CyberSem, post-secondary education is now available to young women, mothers and working women for whom a traditional education environment might not feasible. We are pleased to:

  • Offer you online seminary courses in a variety of Torah subjects (with an opportunity to earn credits towards a  B.A.)
  • Provide an online format that resolves the dilemma of not having enough physical places for women to learn, as well as the geographical obstacles that can hinder a woman from attending a traditional in-person school.
  • Meet the needs of a variety of learning styles by utilizing  multiple teaching techniques through collaborative and other higher thinking methods in addition to traditional lecture-based instruction.
  • Afford students with the opportunity to better themselves, enabling them to be more successful inside and outside the home.

Registration is open

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Courses are taught in English. Some of the source texts are in Hebrew, however, fluency in Hebrew is not mandatory as English translations are available online and via bookstores.

What is CyberSem?

An online school for post-secondary women and beyond, CyberSem offers students the ability to continue studying Torah topics in an engaging, relevant way. Each semester, women enjoy weekly lectures, collaborate with their instructor and peers, and complete assignments at their own pace.

Are courses only offered in English?

While courses are presently offered in English only, we plan to translate all lectures and readings into French, Hebrew, Russian, and Spanish to meet the needs of our international student body. Stay tuned!

Is CyberSem intended for post-seminary girls interested in continuing their learning?

Yes, many girls who return home from seminary to work or attend college find great appeal in the high level learning and real life convenience offered by CyberSem. However, our courses also appeal to women ranging in age from across the globe who want to make meaningful continued learning part of their busy schedules, including wives and mothers, working women and shluchim and shluchos.

Is CyberSem applicable to women from all hashkafos and religious backgrounds?

CyberSem is open to women from diverse hashkafos and religious backgrounds. Some courses require more background knowledge than others. If you’re interested in a particular course but feel you may lack the necessary skill sets, arrange a consultation with Dr. Goldberg to explore your options.

What makes CyberSem an interactive learning experience?

Our instructors are discuss material with their students in real-time. They share deep insights, ask thought provoking questions and often recommend that students explore new sources. Instructors also strive to provide immediate feedback on quiz results. This allows students to know if they’re misunderstanding a concept or require further review of the material.

How does CyberSem differ from other shiurim taught online?

In regular online shiurim, viewers observe passively and aren’t able to discuss the material they’re learning or ask their instructors questions. At CyberSem, classes are student-centered and instructors actively guide the students learning through discussion and collaboration. Using our interactive online classroom platform, students feel like they’re part of a community.

What steps are involved in the admissions process?

If you’re interested in attending CyberSem, the first step is registration. Once you’re accepted as a student, you simply select the course you’re interested in. When you have been registered in your class of choice, you’ll receive an email prompting you to create a student login.

How long is each CyberSem course?

Each course is 12 weeks long.

Are classes delivered live or recorded?

Course lessons are delivered live as well as recorded for students who cannot attend due a conflicting schedule. To get the most out of the interactive lessons, it’s best for students to be present at the live sessions.

How many live classes are there?

Each semester, there are only 3 or 4 class sessions in which students and their instructors are all present together live in the Adobe Connect Classroom. Course material is also delivered through discussions, readings, audio guest lectures and video presentations.

Does CyberSem have homework?

CyberSem does involve homework, assignments and discussion postings. Some courses have a preparation component which gives women an opportunity to review new texts or texts they haven’t reviewed in years. By doing some basic preparation, students are able to engage with the course material at a much higher level and develop a deeper understanding of the issues.

Can you explain the “Discussion Postings” component?

At CyberSem, we’re passionate about making learning relevant to our students’ personal lives. Discussion postings allow women to voice their opinions in a secure online environment and explore meaningful, real-life applications of the lessons they learn. Women are assigned an issue to research and asked to write a thoughtful post. To make the exercise interactive, each student comments on 2 other students’ posts, creating meaningful dialogue.

When do homework assignments have to be completed?

Individual homework assignments can be completed when it’s convenient for the student. Collaborative group work must be organized between the students. Students can communicate using use several online tools within the Learning Management System.

Are there course exams?

Some universities require exams for accreditation purposes. Right now there are no exams, but if a school we partner with requires exams for accreditation purpose, then we will conform and satisfy their requirements.

Can you earn course credits at CyberSem?

At CyberSem, we’re constantly working to help our students get ahead by making course credits transferable to other institutions of higher learning. Currently, CyberSem students can earn real college credits at Touro College.