About CyberSem

About Us

Now Jewish women across the globe can have a seminary education from their own homes, on their own schedule.

Torah learning is enriching and life-giving. But until today, women were limited to learning a few short years of seminary and the occasional shiur.

CyberSem offers a life-altering curriculum based on Torah concepts, with a sophisticated learning platform to deliver it all over the planet.

Regardless of your previous level of learning or religious background, CyberSem has courses that are perfect for you.

It is our flexible schedule that makes learning with CyberSem possible for everyone. All that's required is an Internet connection and a desire to learn.


We offer challenging, relevant and inspirational courses in Limudei Kodesh, professional development and personal growth. Each course is taught by renowned experts with a passion for engaging students in Torah study using dynamic instructional materials. Completing weekly assignments and working on projects collaboratively with other women, students receive one-on-one feedback and assessments from instructors in our secure online environment.


CyberSem’s student body ranges in age, geographic location and life stage. Our in-depth, stimulating courses are custom designed to appeal to:

  • Women who haven’t had the opportunity to attend seminary.
  • Women who attended seminary but are now working or in college and want to continue their Torah learning.
  • Women at various life stages including wives, mothers and professional women who want to continue rich Torah learning from home on their own schedule.
  • Women in shlichus who want to maintain their Torah studies or provide lifelong learning to the young women who work for them.


Through CyberSem, post-secondary education is now available to young women, mothers and working women for whom a traditional education environment might not feasible. We are pleased to:

  • Offer you online seminary courses in a variety of Torah subjects (with an opportunity to earn credits towards a B.A.)
  • Provide an online format that resolves the dilemma of not having enough physical places for women to learn, as well as the geographical obstacles that can hinder a woman from attending a traditional in-person academy.
  • Meet the needs of a variety of learning styles by utilizing multiple teaching techniques through collaborative and other higher thinking methods in addition to traditional lecture-based instruction.
  • Afford students with the opportunity to better themselves, enabling them to be more successful inside and outside the home.